Blue Cruise
Traveling on your private luxury gulet is the best way to discover the pristine turquoise waters and historical riches of the southern Turkish coastline and Greek islands. The magnificent landscape is filled with secluded bays decorated with pine trees, hidden underwater ruins dating back to 2000B.C., and tiny local villages and restaurants scattered along the shore where you can sit and enjoy the delicious Turkish cuisine while watching a romantic sunset. The friendly and relaxed nature of the local culture makes it possible to fade away from the stresses of everyday life and just relax underneath that warm welcoming Mediterranean sun. A Blue Cruise onboard one of Serenity Yachts is truly a timeless journey and a liberating experience.

A number of pleasant experiences may catch you by surprise during your visit to this paradise destination. You may encounter a school of small fish in the thousands when you are snorkeling in a bay, or you could catch a glimpse of a pack of dolphins porpoising in the open seas following the bow of your yacht during sailing, providing the ultimate photo opportunity! Then there is the cloudless star sprinkled night sky you can gaze at during a romantic candle light dinner.

Our Fleet of Luxury Gulets
The Serenity Yachting fleet consists of four luxury yachts; Serenity 70, Serenity 86, Getaway and Hayal 62. There are certain elements of Serenity Yachts that turn the ordinary into the exceptional. High ceilings in all the en-suite rooms on the lower deck and individual air-conditioning raise the level of comfort for all our guests. The stylish flybridge available on our yachts is a unique and exclusive feature much like the spacious saloon on the main deck. For those affluent travelers who want to discover this enchanting region without having to abandon a sense of style and luxury, Serenity Yachting offers the best selection of luxury gulets available.

Experienced Staff
What makes sailing with Serenity a unique experience is not only the superior quality of our fleet but also our friendly staff who will help you create your customized itinerary to suit your specific desires. The crew onboard is attentive and willing to help you alter your itinerary even after you begin your trip. You need only to visit our testimonials page to learn how our previous guests have rated the quality of service onboard. The hospitality offered onboard combined with the comfortable accommodation is the reason why we have had the pleasure of serving repeat guests over and over again.

The Serenity Experience
Our objective is very simple! We want you to end your vacation thinking that it was the best vacation you ever had in your life and want to come back to explore more of this beautiful region with us. This is why from the moment you contact us until the end of your vacation we do our absolute best to learn as much about what your preferences and tailor your holiday accordingly. How many destinations have you visited where upon making your reservation you are asked whether you prefer thin or thick pillows so that you can sleep as comfortably as possible?

Our Services
With our licence from Turkish Chamber of Shipping & Commerce we are a Turkish company operating in Turkey & Greece, offering the following services for our global charter clients as well as yacht owners in Turkey and Greece; Crewed Yacht Charters, Bareboat Charters, Creating Tailor-Made Itineraries, Crew Management, Yacht Management, Charter Management, Brokerage , Yacht Construction & Refits.

Luxury cruise off Göcek Marina

Why Turkey suits two
From The Sunday Times, June 24, 2007, By Anthony Sher

WE’RE BOTH equally thrilled by the next stage: a private cruise along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast aboard a gleaming vessel called Serenity 70, a cross between a modern motorised yacht and a traditional sail-driven gulet. It could sleep eight guests, but it’s entirely ours for the next week. There’s a crew of three: Adam the captain, Mehmet the chef, and Ozgur the deckhand.

On the first morning, crossing the Gulf of Fethiye, we see dolphins. At first they seem to lay on a little display, leaping close to the yacht, then they suddenly swim right under the prow where we stand, rolling upside down in the translucent water, changing what was dark, solid and familiar – their arched spines and dorsal fins – into something pale, fluid and magical. “That’s a sign of luck,” Adam calls from the wheel. “I’ve never seen them here before.” I think: “Yeah, sure, bet you say that to all the tourists.” But later I believe it was true, for we don’t see dolphins again, and it certainly was a lucky thing to book this cruise.

The daily routine consists of sailing for a few hours in the morning before Adam anchors in some beautiful, unspoilt bay, lowers a flight of steps into the gorgeous green-blue water, and we bathe, calling to one another, as we did yesterday: “This is definitely the best swim of my life!” Then we lunch on another of Mehmet’s huge and delicious meals, which often include freshly caught fish, prawns and lobster. We’ve brought along our own stock of French wines, having discovered that Turkish wine is bizarrely expensive (an ordinary chardonnay costs £30). In the afternoon, we sail on, then moor in another bay for the night, where we swim again, and feast again, and ask again whether such luxury is not indecent.

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